Dear Vivian,

Visiting your atelier is a journey in self discovery.


I visit the studio every month with a sense of anticipation and excitement. The lovingly-decorated studio emanates warmth and energy. The time spent at the studio allows me to have a deeper understanding of myself - my loves and hates, as well as the qualities in me that are good and bad. Your atelier is surely a treasure island for every bride-to-be.


I've always heard that you are a young designer with grace, but I was most impressed when I met you for the first time. During our initial meeting, you were everywhere - walking around, climbing up and down to find bits and pieces of samples to show me. I remember a moment when you were holding two pieces of sample cordings and sequins, standing in front of a big mirror, matching different fabrics and colours, and murmuring: "This is quite beautiful...that is not classy enough..." Your eyes sparkle when you work. Having talent is one thing, and putting in effort that comes from the heart is another. From that moment on, I knew you are the one - the designer I've always been trying to look for. I knew then that I can totally trust you to create my dream gowns with your magic hands.


I am so glad to have known you. Thank you again for all the magic you did.


When I walk into Vivian's atelier, it is equivalent to walking into a museum in the wedding world.  This is where the bespoke wedding gown is the work of art.


As a finance professional dealing with numbers all my life, I never thought I would ‘create’ my wedding gown.  So taking the decision to have a bespoke wedding gown made was a big one for me.  As it turned out it was the best decision -  our visits to Vivian’s became the most enjoyable and memorable part of our wedding preparation process (for both myself and my hubby), the result is a truly unique wedding gown that inscribed my ideas and memories.


I vividly remember my first visit:  I was greeted by an understated Vivian who afterall has a red-carpet clientele, and yet for the next six months she proved herself to be the most patient listener, hands on designer who remembers every detail of my gown, and now a good friend.


Vivian, I want to say a true word of thanks from the bottom of my heart here, and hope that your gowns can touch the hearts of more brides to be.



Before I met Vivian, I often had difficulty in finding off-the-rack evening dresses to fully express my personal style.  It was quite frustrating when either the color or the fit wasn't right.  Vivian is very creative with her signature 3-dimensional lines and shapes. What impressed me the most is that she takes time to talk to her clients, understand their personalities, body shape and color preferences. She also advised me on what is a suitable look for each occasion and would give styling and accessories tips.
She has made gowns for me in different styles that are all refreshing and are a real pleasure to wear. Not only does she place importance on the look of the dress but also on the inside structure which makes them fit perfectly on the body and improves my posture immensely. When I am wearing her flowing dresses, I often feel like I am gliding and floating while holding myself more gracefully than usual. I have been complimented on how her dresses can really flatter my body in just the right amount. Communication is so important and Vivian is a great listener who gives sound advice. She is passionate about her designs and follows the production process meticulously. The outcome is a dress that is unique, made just for me and I feel so special wearing it.
Since working with her, I have been inspired by her intense colour palatte and her softer sensibility that inspires me to try new makeup and hairstyles. I am looking forward to further explore different sides of who I am.  The journey of making each dress has added to my confidence of how to express myself through clothing to suit my mood and needs.

I feel very lucky to have met a designer with an exceptional eye, attention to detail and talent that understands my individual style. Vivian is an artist who is always acquiring new skills and keeps up to date with the latest fashion trends while understanding what is classic and timeless.



Dear Vivian,


I have learnt your prestigious name from one of my friends who has highly recommended your company to me.


Due to my son’s wedding, I needed to source two gowns for the wedding ceremony.  I remembered when I stepped into your studio, my first impression was that most of your displays were bridal gowns, i.e. there was no display for “Mother-in-law”.   I did hesitate for a while, but I finally decided to make one gown as a trial.   

After a few meetings with you, I found your design unique, while the fineness behind the quality of the gown fulfilled my desire as well.  I immediately made up my mind and asked for your acceptance to make a total of two evening gowns plus a daytime outfit for me. Meanwhile, during my five fittings at your studio, I could really feel your sincerity and your respect towards others, i.e. you worked patiently and always took good care of me in every stitch.  In addition, you provided me with professional input each time to achieve the best result. 

Indeed, I received positive comments from all of my guests.  I am so excited to let you know that they praised for the design of the two gowns in which they are special, beautiful, elegant, and stylish with attractive colors that perfectly matched with the occasion to brighten up the Mother-in-law.


Vivian, It is my honor to be one of your customers.  I write to thank you for your kindness to share your technical know-how with me and to use your magic hand to make things happen.  I really love the two gowns and I believe they could bring good memories to me forever.   Thanks a lot!


Wish you all the best and prosperous for the years to come!

Best Regards,

A confession... it was actually my husband who found Vivian Luk, and not myself! As he was doing his due-diligence on wedding gown designers in Hong Kong on my behalf, he just showed up at her atelier one day by himself, to which Vivian replied: "...and where is your fiancee?"


Vivian was the perfect choice for us.


As a contemporary of ours, her wealth of experience (from her time at Vera Wang in New York) and amazing creativity both clearly shone through. Vivian worked with us over an extremely involved 6-months to create custom-made wedding and evening gowns in keeping with our jungle-themed wedding in Bali, Indonesia. Vivian's care and attention meant her designs for us evolved and grew as she got to know us better over time. And her warmth during the process was only matched by her and her team's meticulous attention to detail. In the end, Vivian was successfully crystallized the essence of our wedding into two wonderful gowns that we will cherish forever.



Hi Vivian!


The wedding was great and perfect, everyone said my wedding dress was so-ooo beautiful and some of them knew that it was your design.


They said this dress was perfectly fitted on me , it's so special,
and they have never seen a wedding dress like this. 


I am so happy, I feel it was worth making this dress as I really love it and I have so many beautiful pictures now.

Thank you again, I am so touched and will cherish such a perfect and beautiful wedding dress for the rest of my life!

Vivian, thank you so much! I will send you some photos soon!